Boots and Pup are part of a news story(with photo) over at Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6! It is reported by Brigid Alverson who also contributes to the School Library Journal’s blog “Good Comics For Kids“. A great service for parents looking to find age appropriate and fun comics their children can enjoy.

Also featured in the Robot 6 Post are Kevin Church’s Lydia, and Jason Viola’s Herman the Manatee. Cool strips to check out for sure!

Boston Comic Con: Part 3

Today I am going to link one more comic I have enjoyed from Boston Comic Con and with tomorrow’s strip (yes, there is a Saturday) give you a final recap plus let you know how you can get your Draw Box on!


The Hero Business – If you have not had the opportunity to check out Bill Walko’s The Hero Business webcomic then you are in for a treat. Bill was a pleasure to talk to and has some mad cartooning skills going on here. The story looks at heroes from the business side of life where Bill draws (yes, a pun) upon his experience in marketing. It’s worth checking out!

Don’t forget there is a Saturday Comic – - It wraps this week’s story up!