And so Boots and Pup take a vacation… for 2 weeks then… BLAMO! New strips, new adventures and TONS of new fun! Just to keep it legit I am posting EVERY DAY until the debut of the new strip! What I post will be a behind the scenes look at the new character models, the new locations and any awesome bit of Boots and Pup goodness I can locate! It will be a wonderful exploration of these two characters who have been near and dear to me for over 20 years! So please, keep coming back and share with me a unique and rare glimpse into these wacky aliens! See you tomorrow!


I have added a new page, Alien Notions, to the website. It’s a place for me to highlight some of the fan responses I receive. Feel free to help me grow it! Let me know what you have thought so far and if you have any Boots and Pup drawings to share let me see it!